The Game of Coins

Online Trading, OTC trading, Exchange selection, Compliance, Risk Management and other Essentials for active BTC Investors.

Doing Online Crypto-trading is always a key to every active BTC investor. The market is so big that you have to quantify what is best when you trade your bitcoin. 

Will Alt-coins surpass bitcoin?

Many questions and many answers...To get the most, knowledge and connections are key to success. Thats how the Game is played.

Our company work with select partners in providing additional services to our clients. Collaboration strenghtens your positions and portfolios.

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Exchange and OTCs

Custodial and Insurance Services

We provide custodial services for your bitcoins. This allow you to move your bitcoin from Online Exchanges and store to secured offline storage. FDIC insurance for Bitcoin.

OTC Service

Experienced traders work with you privately.
Fast trades for small quantities (100 Btc). High Liquidity based on various country locations. Available consultation for FX Bitcoin trades. Private OTC deals with Institutions.

Top 5 Exchanges

Work with executives to get you setup with Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges.  Allow monthly trading and monitoring using advance technologies. Security and private access to select Crypto new feeds.

Face to Face OTC consulting

One-stop-shop OTC consulting for face-to-face transactions. Training and Essential Procedures for deailing with Cold-wallet BTC sellers. Security and Bodyguard services. 

Crypto Consulting

Top cryptocurrency picks for Online Exchanges. Portfolio management materials and books for Online Trading. Consulting available for Coin Evaluations

Investment Options

Consulting and promotions of top Cryptocurrency Investments. Compliance and Tax-Filing books and articles. Out of the box Investment opportunities.

OTC and Exchange Request

OTC Order Form

Special OTC Request

OTCs are sensitive transactions that require us to do due diligence on every OTC Buy or Sell Order. Please include all the information you can give us with this form to avoid us declining your request. 

KYC/AML are critical for any orders. An NCNDA will be sent to approved orders.  

Our OTC Desk will charge from 1%-3% on every tranche and deal. Other lower  rates may apply on large BTC contracts.

*Security and Privacy is key. Any Order over 10K BTC will be checked. 

Bitcoin Enterprise Exchange

OTC.Escrow.Insurance.Security Services