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We cater to Buy and Sell of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies!

Since 2016, our company began under a Nevada Corporation .  We have been trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies for over 2 years. We developed several business deal flows that allow us to serve this market sector.

CRYPTOCURRENCIES - Our primary cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. We also handle trade and exchange of Ethereum, BCH, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, ADA, IOTA, Zcash, Monero and many more. We include the top 10 cryptocurrencies for trading.

OTC – We are work with several OTCs for high-network individuals. We also work with businesses and financial institutions to help them with their Cryptocurrency needs.

Company policies – We deal with Integrity, Honesty and Loyalty. We follow the rules of Goverments as well as Financial Institutions in a Global way.

Executive profiles –  Our company is composed of the brightest minds in FINTECH. And we are a collaboration group headed by the top industry experts of their fields.

INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS - We cater to institutions and businesses. We have to assign you a business executive that will be with you along the way to consult and create strategies for your acquisition and long-term planning.

We provide our clients the best concierge service and consulting services. And we are your One-Stop shop for all your Trade, OTC and Exchange needs. 

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We are your bitcoin and cryptocurrency concierge!

We are are under the umbrella of a Nevada Corporation .


Our institutional partners and clients have KYC/AML requirements.

For privacy and security purposes most of your information will be offline. You will sign our NCNDA to protect both Buyers and Sellers that we represent.

Intermediaries are also welcome, so please contact us for more information.

Big institutional Investors are assigned to a FINTECH business executive(s). 

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We only would entertain realistic and legit requests from our clients. We still do our KYC/AML. To make sure we are beyond reproach and accountable to what we do best!