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The Future of Bitcoin


Bitcoin is the current virtual currency thats accepted by companies, banks, financial institutions, e-commerce, exchanges and individuals.

Bitcoin and crypto currencies are the dominant force that is disrupting the world economic businesses.

Bitcoin Enterprise Exchange is the concierge for Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCH, Ripple,Litecoin, Cardano, EOS, IOTA exchange and purchases.

We are a btc-crypto boutique concierge  business!


  • Private and Institutional Investors
  • Buyers and Sellers of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Mandates and Intermediaries
  • Exchanges , OTCs and Mining Co.
  • Clearinghouses and Money Houses
  • Blockchain and Internet businesses
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Family Offices and Hedge Funds
  • Hobbyist, Enthusiasts and Experts
  • Pros and Non-Pros
  • And many more !

Build your Citadel with Virtual Currency and Assets with Bitcoin Enterprise Exchange!

Your concierge, manager, executive, mandate and servant in the World of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.


How You’re Protected


We provide a highly secure onboarding process that allows us to determine the best to handle your Bitcoin Exchange. We help clients around the world to BUY and SELL Bitcoin.

We help provide Insurance and Custodial services. 

We assist you to create an Exchange account for Cryptocurrency , Forex and Money Market .

We are your One-Stop Shop for your Crytocurrency and Fund needs.

Why Us?


We are trustworthy and honest and high-integrity individuals that keep privacy and confidentiality a priority for our clients.

We have been in the FINTECH - Finance Technology sector many years even before the birth of Bitcoin in the 1990s. And we stay up-to-date with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency as our hobby and as  a profession. Thats why we love these  'Game of  Coins'.

We always give our clients the best service we can.

About Us


BEE certifies Buyers/Sellers Orders. With our Due Diligence Process we can certify and validate your order for transparent and trust-based process utilizing our DD procedures.

No more hassle in doing your untested DD processes.


BEE uses a top-custodial that incorporates one of the biggest lawfirm in the world. You can be secured with the attorneys backing you up on any transaction to keep your BTCs safe and secure to COLD Wallets and Secured HOT Wallets

Close the deal

With BEE you can close your Deals at Ease. We are the One-Stop-Shop service you wished for !  Sign-up with us today and we can start onboarding you!

You will be glad you joined our Network! We are so happy to serve you!

BEE BTC-Crypto Concierge Boutique Staff

*NEW starting FEB 2019- Crypto-Reseller

No more hassle directly deal with us to buy your Crypto needs. We are working on several providers. Please notify us if you want to work with us! Exclusively direct to Sellers and Buyers.

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Our Team

Our Team and Privacy Disclosure


Our Team ... and disclosure

We are a global group of Trustworthy and High-Integrity Individuals that keep our promises to the right people and institutions. We will filter only to Good Actors/People/Institutions.

Due to many negative news, scams, good and bad media  of this market sector we are not disclosing our managers or people in our website. And also we are protecting our own Privacy and Security that's why we will only disclose our Identities to Legitimate Buyers and Sellers.  


Just to explain this to skeptics, as an example would'nt you be cautious if you're an account manager dealing with a  $100 Million BTC transaction and entrusting your identity to the opposite party.

This website is captured by robots and viewed by  many individuals  and companies (good and bad). We do our best to filter only the Good Actors/Institutions and we collaborate with you. At the same time do your due diligence process. You are mandatorily  required to fill-out our Customer KYC Form and/or NCNDA agreement with signature .
And after a satisfactory Due Diligence-Level , we will then proceed with the Deal Process.  We recommend our clients to do their own Due Diligence Process.  We only represent 1 party in a standard transaction... Similarly like a real estate deal we will side on 1 party either the buyer or seller in a deal transaction.

We apologize in advance if your country or institution is not allowed to deal with us or vice-versa due to policies and regulations by major Entities like governments, SEC, CFTC, Financial Institutions, etc. Our company has Regulatory procedures and regulations that we comply based on the country, individual and institutional client.

How to be part of our team?

Please check company jobs in
or contact us .

Disclaimer: We have a Terms and Privacy Offline to avoid disclosing our well-developed Deal Flow Process. We have the right to turn-down any client, customer, broker or vendor for any reason and  for our own security and safety standards.

Thank you for your business.

The Bitcoin Enterprise Exchange Group


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